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For healing, wholeness and the restoration of the "Israel of God" (Gal. 6:16) in Yeshua / Jesus.

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What you will find at "Healing and Revival"

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Holistic Counseling for your healing and health in
Spirit, Soul, and Body
First and foremost, at Healing and Revival, you will find people who care. We offer holistic, prophetic, group and individual counseling for healing and wholeness in spirit, soul, and body; daily encouragement, courses, helpful information, and more.

Support and Fellowship Groups
We purpose to be a Spirit-filled community who cares including local and online gatherings with specialized support and fellowship groups. Participate at your level of comfort.

Peer Support
Whether you are just taking life day by day, or you are addressing some serious healing issues, at "Healing and Revival" you will find others that share similar experiences, desires, and interests, who are also on the path of healing and seeking God through Jesus / Yeshua Christ, in an authentic way.  

Reviving the "Israel of God" Gal. 6:16
The Ancient Scriptures declare that the Creator of the Universe is restoring His people, the twelve tribes of the "Israel of God" in these days.  This isn't the political body currently governing the geographical "country of Israel" Rather we are referring to Biblical Israel; the people of the Bible.  The God of Israel (Luke 1:68) is putting this on the heart of His people who are all around the globe.

Jesus / Yeshua the Hebrew Messiah is building up His people in preparation for the end and His return.

Our radio station, this community, our web site, local "Meet-ups", resources, and other means are ways that He has called us for our part.

Join us for the meaning of life and the restoration of all things. Acts 3:21

Come on in!

Come on in and visit for a few days with no obligation.

We look forward to meeting you.

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